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FénixEDU Open-Source Project

FénixEDU, herein called Fénix, is an open-source project. This wiki is intended primarily for people involved in the development of applications and libraries covered by Project Fénix. More general information regarding the project can be found on our homepage. Information regarding specific processes at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) will not be found here, check out the Computer and Network Services site and wiki instead.

Initially the sole purpose of Project Fénix was to develop a complete academic administration system for IST. The resulting application named FénixEDU is the projects flagship solution. From this application many libraries and tools have been developed and extracted to allow for easy development of other applications benefiting from the same infrastructure.

Documentation for System Administrators

  • FenixSetup: a mini howto that explains how to setup FénixEDU at other schools.

Documentation for Developers

  • Getting Started: system requirements and guidelines for preparing a development environment.

  • Downloading the Source Code: a brief explanation of where to find and how to download the source code.

  • Bennu is a framework for building web-applications, it was extracted from best-practices of the fenix project.


    Fénix Framework

    Other Documentation

    • FenixDevelopment is being developed at Centro de Informática do Instituto Superior Técnico.

    • DevelopmentGuide: is a collection of good programming practices and patterns to be used in FenixDevelopment.

    • A GlossaryOfTerms is under development. It contains the relevant terms used in the domain of the problem, both in english and in portuguese, as well as their definitions and the corresponding class and relation names. It also contains discussions about the appropriateness of the translations.

    • The development of a new Organizational Model Browser is promoting discussion for usability-centric projects. All info and documentation are being gathered. This is still a draft under development, and is subject to change without prior notice.

Fénix Logos

  • The FenixLogos page contains from the official logo to ....