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Development Planning

Head Integration Reports

Developer Documentation

Barra: Documentation to help the development of the IST Bar

WorkFlow: Current workflow project to implement new tools that will help in defining workflow processes.

DomainModel: Description of domain model entities

GettingStartedFenix: A set of HOWTOs to help developers access the code repository and setup everything they need to begin developing.

DevelopmentRepository: Information on how to set up a client to the development repository.

DebuggingScripts: Information on how to debug scripts.

DevelopmentGuide: Collection of good programming practices and patterns to be used in FenixDevelopment.

Mapping_Classes_with_OJB: Considerations on mapping classes with OJB, and a brief analasys on the impacts of added relations.

Loading_Test_Data: Explains where to obtain test data and how to load it onto a local database.

Deploy_Fenix_at_IST: Explains the necessary steps to deploy the application onto the production servers at IST.

Deploy_Fenix-Tests: Explains the necessary steps to deploy the application onto the tests servers at http://fenix-tests.ist.utl.pt/fenix.

CVS_and_Wiki_Backups: Explains how the data in the code repository and the contents of this wiki are backed up, Also explains how to access the backups.

SandboxProject: A little project for testing ojb related stuff.

JoaoSilva/InstallingDspace: Step-by-step guide on how to setup Dspace

TransactionStatistics: Data from transaction statistics table from IST production environment.

ConsistencyPredicates: Starting page for the documentation on ConsistencyPredicates.

I18NConventions: Attempt to set ResourceBundle files conventions

CommitLogConventions: Descriptions the message format that should be used for each commit log.

CodeOptimizations: Descriptions and case studies of optimized code.

MySQLOptimizations: my.cnf setting optimized for local development

BennuPreRelease: A sneak peek at bennu and the first modules to be officially released soon.

VaadinFramework: Vaadin + FĂ©nixFramework at bennu


Occurence & Event Reports

Script Reports

Users Requests

Business Processes

Administrative_Office: Contains the Current Administrative Office processes

New_Administrative_Office: Contains the New Administrative Office processes

Acceptance Tests

Unit Tests

  • A set of UnitTestRules are being defined to use in the context of this project.

AccountingTestCases : Contains the test cases for Accounting module

Todo Lists

Wiki Configuration Stuff